Welcome to the website of the Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services

Documenting cuts across Hackney public sevices and more importantly, publicising the opposition to them. With a range of material exposing the political nature of the cuts and arguments that can be used against them (see resources above). For news etc click ‘blog’ above. Please email Hackneyalliance@hotmail.co.uk for more info and to offer info/help

Hackney Alliance is supporting theJ30 Strikes! See the blog post!

and the Save the NHS demo on July 5th!

and the Hands Around Homerton on Jluy 16th! detaisl to follow on the blog

Hackney Alliance meets every 2 weeks @ Aspland and Marcon Community Hall, Amhurst Road , Hackney

Click here for the PDF of the  HATDPS Bulletins

Hackney Alliance Bulletin #1,




and we are now on Twitter .. see the right side of the page

KAMU HİZMETLERİNİ SAVUNMAK İÇİN HACKNEY İTTİFAKI Bulten #1 Agustos/Eylul https://hackneyalliance.wordpress.com/turkiye-turkish/