Angry protest in Lewisham against cuts…

“An angry mob brought proceedings to a standstill at Lewisham Town Hall last night as Mayor Steve Bullock presented the first round of cuts to public services to be made in the borough.
Around 100 people of all ages and backgrounds gathered outside the Town Hall in a demonstration called by local Unions and Lewisham Anti-Cuts Alliance (1). Impassioned speeches were heard whilst pissed of College students played with the traffic as Lewisham residents demanded No Ifs, No Buts, No Lewisham Cuts.

The protesters then moved inside where some people were admitted to the meetings but around 40 people were refused access by twitchy security. Chants rang out again from buth inside and outside the meeting until eventually the door was opened and the last remaining protesters entered the room to join the noisy crowd inside. Tory lacky Bullock threw several strops at the disruption before halting the meeting all together.

Police were called, a large security presence entered the room and the meeting was reconvened about fifteen minutes later. This allowed petitions containing the names of around 20,000 people to be presented to the Councillors demanding that Lewisham Libraries stay open.

A Lib Dem and Labour councillor were effectively drowned out in the noise as people banged on the walls chanting Shame On You and No Tory Cuts. When Mayor Bullock spoke, chants of Cut Your Wages appeared to leave him visibly shaken.

Councillors will meet on the 29th November to vote on the cuts. Another demonstration is planned then (2) which promises to be much larger as resistance to the cuts grows across the borough.

Meetings, demonstrations and protests are being organised across the Capital as an unprecedented anger sweeps the country at the chinless twats in Government. The students, who aren’t going anywhere (3), showed the way at Millbank and it is quickly becoming clear that it was just the beginning. With all three main political parties lining up against the working class the only meaningful sound left in politics is that of breaking glass.





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