Economics Professor destroys ConDem argument that there is no alternative!

Glasgow Media Group Director, Prof. Greg Philo discusses his proposal to pay off the national debt on The Daily Politics with fellow panel guests, Yvette Cooper MP, Shadow Sec.of State for the Department for Work and Pensions and Minister for Women and Equalities and Grant Shapps MP, Minister of State for Housing and Local Government. BBC2, 15 Sep, 2010.


Professor Greg Philo has made a number of recent TV and radio appearances to discuss his proposal to pay off the national debt via a one-off tax on the wealthiest 10% of the population. These follow on from his original article outlining the proposal, which appeared in The Guardian on 16.06.10 and generated over 550 reader comments. You can read the article and browse the comments here. The full results of the June 2010 YouGov poll which is quoted in the article are available here. The poll indicates that 74% of the population would favour a one-off tax on the wealthiest 6 million people in Britain. The figures on wealth quoted in the Guardian article are from the Government website. These can be viewed at


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“Marks and Spencers, Pay Your Tax!”

In blizzard conditions, 25 people demonstrated inside and outside the Hackney branch of Marks and Spencers on UKUnCut’s national day of action against coporate tax avoiders, ‘Pay Day’. Amid chants of “Marks and Spencers Pay Your Tax” demonstrators, supported by Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services, handed out hundreds of leaflets to shoppers inside and ourside on the Narroway with overwhelming public support. Marks and Spencers pay tax at a significantly low rate and Richard Murphey of Tax Research Blog estimates they have underpaid tax by £589 between 2005 and 2009. While Phillip Green’s tax avoidance is blatent, Marks and Spencers is more a case of systemic low tax rates for coprorations and the rich. While ordinary people have to pay their tax at the official rates, or go to prison, it seems massive corporations like M&S, Arcadia, Vodafone and HSBC can choose to pay what they like, all to the detriment of the public purse, while we are told our services must be cut to pay for govt. debt.  Other songs that got an enthusiastic airing were ” If you don’t pay your taxes we’ll shut you down” and a rousing “Marks and Spencers, we’ll be back” after everyone left after an hour.

” If M & S had paid tax at the UK headline rate from 2005 to 2009 (five years) then they would have paid £589 million more in current tax. If it had just paid the tax it declared on its profit and loss account it would have paid £492 million extra. This needs putting in context: it apparently costs £162 million a year to provide school sport, or about £810 million over five years. M & S could have paid for 72% of that if it had paid the full rate of UK tax on its profits or 60% if it had just settled the tax it advertised it paid.”

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The Lawns Old Peoples Home to be shut and sold!

Hanover Homes who manage Hackney’s Old Peoples Homes have shocked residents and families of residents by announcing that The Lawns on Matthias Road is to be shut. It is suspected they plan to also sell the whole building, or may even already have done so, but are being very cagey with what is going on. There are 38 very elderly residents and they will all have to move by April unless we can stop this shameful act. Hackney Council are saying there is nothing they can do. A campaign will be launched in the next few days

Excellent post from UkUnCut; What we’re arguing against and what we’re fighting for!

“George Osborne thought his smokescreen was working. It looked for a while like the people of Britain were going to accept the biggest cuts to public spending seen in the Western world in a century. He had, it seemed, delivered a sleight of hand that would impress even the most slippery magician. The trick he’s been using to great effect is, though, an old one. It works something like this: in a crisis, people panic. They accept something big has to happen to solve it. But massive crises are complex, and a global economic collapse is particularly hard to understand – we aren’t taught the basics of economic history at school, we learn that these are matters for clever men in suits who use long words….  [but ] .. the history of Britain is a history of ordinary people fighting the Tories to win a fair share of our country’s wealth and power. And as UK Uncut have shown, it is not a history that our generation will soon forget. Because people are realising that George Osborne’s smoke screen stinks. And as we blow it away, we will have a chance to learn the lesson Osborne teaches us, and take the chance to work out, together, what kind of country we want to build from the ashes, and leave for our grandchildren. And, if nothing else, that’s worth fighting for.”

Tax Research UK – exposing how we are being ripped off!

Pay Your Tax! message to Phillip Green and all the other corporate tax dodgers