25% cuts to decent homes maintainence budget

“The government’s Decent Homes programme will suffer a lack of funding in the coming years as a result of budget cuts, council documents seen by the Hackney Post reveal.

This could mean that vital maintenance work on the interior of properties goes uncompleted.

Jacque Collins has received help through the programme. Photo: Katie Linsell

The programme, which has been running since 2006 and originally aimed to improve all council housing in the borough by 2012, will have £18.9m less funding than previously indicated.

Before the government spending cuts were implemented, it was anticipated that approximately £80.4m would be spent on the project over the next four years. Now that figure has been reduced to £61.5m – 23.5 per cent lower than thought.

A spokeswoman for Hackney Homes said: “The sum is much less than originally anticipated and as such, we will have less resources to carry out Decent Homes works than were planned.”


Hackney GP’s speak out against government’s ‘destruction’ of the NHS

“Concerned Hackney GPs have reconvened the Hackney division of the British Medical Association after almost 20 years dormancy in order to fight the government’s health and social care bill. We believe that it will destroy a successful public service and replace it with a series of healthcare markets, risking the very core principles of equitable, needs based, cost-effective care for all.”

Student Protest Solidarity Campaign website




At a meeting on February 6th, attended by 15 defendants from the student protests on November 10th, November 24th and December 9th 2010, the Student Protest Solidarity Campaign was set up to support those arrested at the student protests. It has at its heart the interests of the defendants. We aren’t under any illusions: this is a huge task and the campaign needs your support.

We realise that for many of those arrested, this is a worrying time, with legal proceedings hanging over their heads. Information can be difficult to come by, and especially those on serious charges, but for all defendants, the fear of what might happen can be overwhelming. The best way to deal with this is to meet others in the same position as yourself and stick together. The police want you to feel isolated and alone – but meeting and talking with other people facing the same pressures, and working together, can make everyone stronger.

The police are not all-powerful, they can be challenged, and even getting charged does not mean you will be convicted. Defence campaigns in the past have helped people to win in court, and helped to win support for people facing charges.

If you have any questions and / or want to get involved please email us at: studentdemodefendants[at]riseup.net


* The Legal Defence & Monitoring Group and the Green & Black Cross are committed to supporting defendants arrested on the student demonstrations through the court process, but they can only be there if they know when you are in court. So if you have a court date and want some moral and practical support – someone who has been through this before or even just a friendly face in the public gallery – please email your name and court dates to ldmgmail[at]yahoo.co.uk or call GBC Legal on: 07946 541511 and they will be there to support you!

* If you haven’t been arrested, but you are worried you MAY yet be arrested, or if your face has been publicised as somebody the police want to question, it’s probably best to stay away. BUT don’t be put off from coming if you have already been arrested: attending meetings does not breach your bail conditions.

* Important advice on the Fitwatch website here: http://www.fitwatch.org.uk/2010/12/13/students-should-not-be-panicked-by-mets-published-pictures/ AND on the inymedia site here: http://london.indymedia.org/articles/6850

* Please pass this on to anybody you know who may have been arrested and charged or on police bail, and please circulate as widely as possible, to anybody who may know of anybody arrested.

* Above all – DON’T BE AFRAID! Many people support you and are willing to help, some of us have been in this position ourselves in the past. The police are not all-powerful, they can be challenged, and even getting charged does not mean you will be convicted. Defence campaigns in the past have helped people to win in court, and helped to win support for people facing charges.

‘Under the Cranes’ – a new Hackney film April 30th @the Rio

new film based on a play by Hackney poet Michael Rosen will be shown as part of the East End Film Festival, at the Rio Cinema on April 30th at 1.30 pm


The film is based on poet Michael Rosen’s play for voices Hackney Streets and is the culmination of two years work shooting in Hackney, sifting through local film archive and filming some beautiful paintings by Leon Kossoff, Jock McFadyen and James MacKinnon.

“A marvellous evocation of Hackney – the place, the peoples and their dreams too. It reveals the ruin, disconnection and the frailty of life without giving an inch to literary misanthropy or the voyeuristic perspectives in which East London is exploited for tales of misery, depravity and social failure. It manages to be elegaic without being merely doleful. The combination of voice and image is very nicely handled, and the archive footage is wonderful. I was glad the film didn’t resort to more polemical assaults on the Olympics, legitimate as those may be. I think the film gains a lot by not being too firmly located in that argument, not least the possible realization that we all live ‘under the cranes’ these days. A lot of the stories and locations were familiar – is that Town Guide Cabinet really in the Hackney Museum now? – but I never knew about the plastic!”

Patrick Wright (A Journey Through Ruins, On Living in an Old Country)‘Under the Cranes’ is a wonderfully life-affirming film-poem of place, full of lost time and effacements, reefs of street markets and shop fronts, painted in stock-brick yellows, steel shutter greys and silvery monochromes; and full of people, always people, the voices who have passed this way and called this home. As a collage of the city at its most quick, it has the ache and tug of what has been and gone; as a moving study of resourcefulness, resistance and resilience, it collapses time and returns each story to its street.
Paul Farley, Professor of Poetry, Lancaster

March to Save the NHS May 17th

Hackney Alliance on the massive March 26 demonstration

As you will have now heard, if you were not on it, the TUC’s March for the Alternative was massive. Estimates range between 500,000 and a million. And we estimate thousands went form Hackney. Here is a pic of the 100 or so, through the day, who were with the Hackney Alliance contingent. You got any more pics of Hackney banners please sen them in and we’ll add them