Hackney Alliance ‘Cavalcade Against the Cuts’, June 11th, to publicise J30!

To build support for J30 the Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services will be doing a Cavalcade of cars and bicycles on June 11th meeting at 10.30 at Morrisons or Topps Tiles car park in Stamford Hill! We will go from Stamford Hill to Dalston to Hackney and to Homerton Hospital! We have 6 cars and loads of bikes committed so far but want more! SO if you have a car, a truck, a lorry (Eubanks where are you!), a tank, a motorbike, scooter, bicycle, whatever bring them down. Bring flags and posters with J30 on. Bring noise!
For those of you without transport we need people leafletting alongside ( fast walkers!) or static at Dalston and Hackney, or you could get a lift!


2 Responses to “Hackney Alliance ‘Cavalcade Against the Cuts’, June 11th, to publicise J30!”

  1. Malcolm Imrie Says:

    I will do my best to join the cavalcade next Saturday. But can also help with leafletting/putting up posters for J30 in Stamford Hill. Let me know,

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