Meeting to build for J30. Round Chapel June 16th

Support the J30 Strikes in Hackney; Meeting @The Round Chapel June 16th 7 till 9pm

On June 30th the PCS, NUT, ATL, UCU and maybe other unions will be striking over the severe attacks on their pensions by the Tories. But the day has become more than that, it has become a day of opposition to the attacks on the public sector in general. There will be pickets and marches, assemblies and demonstrations.
With the media blankout most people still do not know about this day of action nor why it is happening nor why they should support and be involved with it. So we need do publicise it as much as we can.
This meeting has been called by Hackney Teachers Association and supported by Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services and Hackney Trades Union Council to do that and will have speakers from the different unions and tbc Jody MacIntyre and Mark Bergfeld who both played an important role in the student strikes last year.
Come along to learn more and build support for J30!


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