Libraries for Life! Lobby Hackney Council 20th July 6pm and stop Hackney library management putting your Library at risk!

Hackney’s library management are proposing
-25% less staff
– 66% less events, homework and reading clubs etc
– Serious cuts to staff pay and conditions
– staffing libraries with volunteers
– reduing opening hours at smaller libraries
– loss of reference library and servies
Staff believe this is paving the way to shut small libraries like Homerton and Stamford Hill
2000 people have signed the petition in suppport of the Libraries and forcing a debate at the council on the 20th July
Come and support them!
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Hands Around Homerton! Saturday July 16th!

Hackney Coalition to save the NHS are calling on Hackney’s citizens to show their opposition to the Coalition government’s plans to smash up the NHS and hand it over to private healthcare companies.

16 July because is still before the Health and Social Care Bill will finish its rush through parliament.

Demonstrate this by linking hands around the Homerton hospital to show we will hold on to our NHS hospitals (and the rest of the NHS) and we won’t let them go.

The Coalition government has finished its pause and “Listening exercise” for the Health and Social Care Bill which they now hope to rush through parliament.

The pause produced only cosmetic changes to the Bill.

The two most dangerous elements of the Bill – the throwing open of the NHS to private healthcare companies, and the removal of the duty of the Secretary of State to provide universal healthcare – remain intact.

Keep Our NHS Public has started working with the Hackney Labour Party, Hackney doctors, Homerton hospital workers, Derman Turkish and Kurdish health and wellbeing group and others in a Hackney Coalition to Save the NHS. We are doing this because we need the strength of joining with other groups to defeat this Bill – none of us can do it on our own.

Please help us publicise the demonstration as far and wide as possible.

We really need your help to get the word out as far and wide as possible – it is only a few weeks until 16 July and we need a lot of people to link hands around the Homerton.

Day Mer Festival July 3rd Clissold Park

Hackney Alliance will have a stall at the fantastic Day Mer festival in Clissold Park this Sunday handing out leaflets for the NHS Birthday March on July 5th and Hands Around Homerton on July 16th. Come down! The weather forecast is good!

Pics from a great Hackney J30!!

Great J30 in Hackney! Schools and colleges were solid, DWP pretty good and great small march down between pickets! And everyone joined the march down to Westminster. Lots of people helped with banners and breakfast cakes (UnCut/Offmarket etc) and the Alliance played a key role in bringing the support for the unions together!