Give Our Kids a Future! North London Unity March! Saturday 13th August 1pm Gillet Square Dalston

Unity Demo[3]

North London Unity Assembly Demonstration


Saturday 13th August Assemble Gillet Square, Dalston, N16 at 1pm.

March to Tottenham Green, N15

Our communities need a united response to both the riots and the causes of
despair and frustration that can result in riots.

We call for:

• A Culture of valuing, not demonising youth and unemployed people.
• Support for those affected by the rioting, including the immediate re-housing
of people made homeless as well as grants for affected small businesses.
• Community led regeneration and restoration of damaged areas.
• Reversal of all cuts to youth services in our boroughs.
• No cuts to public services! Instead, investment into and regeneration of our
communities, including housing, jobs, education and sports facilities.
• An independent community inquiry into policing methods in our boroughs,
and an end to discriminatory stop and search.
• Availability of legal support for all those arrested by police -young people
face potential sentences that will affect them, their families and their wider
communities for years to come. Recommended solicitors are: Bindmans
02078334433, Hodge Jones & Allen: 07659111192
We are responding to the events of the last few days, in particular the Tottenham protest over the killing of Mark Duggan and the riots that
followed in Tottenham and Hackney.

By coming together and calling for unity we want to encourage all sections of
our local communities, young and old, black and white, residents and workers, to work together to find solutions to some of our long-standing problems.

We know there are all kinds of strong feelings and differing views. We do not claim to represent the whole community, but merely seek to promote unity in the communities in which we live.

Simply labelling rioters as opportunistic criminals does little to relieve tensions
and provides a poor explanation for the worst riots in decades. While the
shooting of Mark Duggan provided the trigger, against a background of
oppressive policing, especially towards ethnic minorities, the root causes are

Our communities have been blighted by high levels of deprivation, poverty and lack of opportunity for decades. Inequality is growing and recent funding cuts to local services, particularly youth facilities, along with rising unemployment, and cuts to EMA and benefits have exacerbated the conditions in which sections of frustrated young people turned to rioting, which unfortunately has resulted in people losing their homes and small/family businesses losing their livelihoods.

Britain is a wealthy country,but with deep inequality. The economic crisis created by greedy bankers and financial speculators is further impoverishing already poor areas like Tottenham and Hackney. The £390 billion of combined wealth of the richest 1,000 people in Britain should be redirected to fund the services we all need.

In the last few months we have seen mass local protests against cuts, student occupations to defend free education, a half-a-million-strong demonstration on March 26, and 800,000 public service workers out on strike on June 30th.

We need to build on these and other inspiring local and national struggles. Let’s work together for a decent society, based not on greed, inequality and poor conditions, but
on justice, freedom, sharing and cooperation.

North London Unity Demonstration supported by the Haringey Alliance for Public
Services, Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services, Day-Mer (Turkish and Kurdish
Community Centre), NLCH (North London Community Centre), Day-Mer Youth,
Alevi Cultural Centre, Fed-Bir: , Kurdish Community Centre: Roj Women, Halkevi,
Gik-Der (Refugee Workers Cultural Association), Britania Peace Council: Hundred
Flowers Cultural Centre, TOHUM, Socialist Party, Youth Fight For Jobs, Right To Work, Red Pepper.


7 Responses to “Give Our Kids a Future! North London Unity March! Saturday 13th August 1pm Gillet Square Dalston”

  1. ”Give Our Kids a Future!” Viktigt initiativ i Tottenham. | Röda Lidköping Says:

    […] ägde en demonstration med tusentals deltagare rum i Tottenham i London, med parollen Give Our Kids A Future. Det var ett brett initiativ, taget av ett antal lokala grannskaps- och kvartersorganisationer, […]

  2. benka Says:

    Video from the march and speeches can be view here
    thanks for your organisation

  3. Live Blog UK Riots 2011 – Ceasefire Magazine Says:

    […] 13.25: Happening now: Give Our Kids a Future! A North London Unity Demonstration […]

  4. Fran Andre Says:

    Dear Unity organising committee

    First, a huge thank you. You are doing a big service enabling all of us to get together and use our voices. Thank you.

    Secondly, have you heard of Young Deacon. He is a young rapper who has made this astonishing track, which is so powerful and speak so directly and powerfully a real truth.

    I think it would be awesome if he could come and perform this anthem at the end of the demo at some point. I am happy to assist in arranging this. I do not know Young Deacon personally yet, but am now in touch with him on Facebook and twitter and we have exchanged messages.

    Please can you let me know your thoughts asap, so I/we can get moving on it if necessary.

    Thanks again, and see you tomorrow!

  5. Nina Says:

    What a great idea – I hope this demo is just the start of a strong united movement.

  6. Ben Rickman, secretary Brent TUC Says:

    Please include the support of Brent Trades Union Council. Brent is a borough of many languages and cultures and a spectrum ranging from deprivation in Harlesden to millionaire homes in Kenton. We wish this demonstration every success. We all have a right to work, and to be valued and developed. Opportunity only exists for some, not for all and that is very wrong.

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