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  1. Mat Says:

    Hey guys,

    just recieved an email about the homerton cuts with an attached petition – can I suggest also doing a web petition rather than just a printable one? It will be a lot easier to circulate on facebook, twitter etc, whereas a lot of people might not bother with one that they have to print and post…people are pretty lazy!

  2. amanda bentham Says:

    A lively lobby of Tower Hamlets full council meeting tonight called by TH HOOPS and attended by around 100 public service union members from Unison, NUT, GMB and Unite. Thanks to Glyn for coming along and representing the Hackney Alliance. Hopefully we can organise joint demos and action with Hackney and across London in the new year. Amanda Bentham

  3. mike Says:

    Just found this cool film about the cuts
    myths and share far and wide, i think you can
    also download it and share as well.

  4. Sheila Oliver Says:

    We in Stockport have lived under the LibDem jackboot for a decade. They are hard-hearted and ruthless. They are cutting transport services to disabled children whilst adamantly defending their right to carry on having free committee teas, which cost the council taxpayer £23,000 per annum. Most of the exclusively LibDem Executive are Winnie-the-Pooh shaped.

    In addition, whilst the Executive Councilllor responsible, Mark Weldon, admitted recently in the Manchester Evening News that they expected the site of a new school to be contaminated with brown asbestos, they tried to do absolutely no contamination investigations or remediation whatsoever. The 550 pupil school and 78 baby nursery should have opened in September 2008 on a site with unremediated lead, arsenic and brown asbestos. They were finally forced to have second rate remediation done. Have a look at this You Tube clip of bored “experts” (two blokes with bin bags and a stick, one of whom doesn’t bother even to keep his own respirator on) and see what low level remediation they have done. These are kids from a poor area, so the LibDems don’t care if they are facing a lifetime of disability from lung damage or early death from mesothelioma:-


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